Bassim Shebaro’s Guide to Success

by bassimshebaro

Running a multinational operation is no small task. In combination with the requirements of heading a local business, running a global presence increases exponentially in difficulty and workload. It is through the help and experience of people like Bassim Shebaro, the Group Vice President for the Middle East Region at Jacobs, that businesses are able to maintain a single culture. Three core values make up the core of a successful business model:

Always Remain a Relationship Based Company

The very first core value is one that should be considered with great severity. In fact, it is such an integral part of a successful business model that it should also be considered a fundamental business strategy. The goal is to focus on creating reinforced, long lasting relationships with each and every client.  It is no surprise that professional client relationships are the most important factor to a growing business. One can empower this unity by offering only the best customer value and by ceaselessly making performance better.


A Key Imperative is Growth

It is thanks to the needs of clients that a company can grow, so the business must evolve alongside of them. It is a well-known fact that the competitive marketplace requires growth. A business should always be aware that all their stakeholder groups, from clients to shareholder, are regularly seeking profitable growth. To satisfy those interests, one must strive for no less than 15 percent growth annually.

People are the Greatest Asset to Business

Success is due almost entirely to expertly skilled employees. Their lists of professional skills gain the work, achieve the work, generate value for those we partner with, and build loyalty with investors. As such, keeping up an environment where employees will always have goals to strive for and enjoy the rewarding sensation of doing a great job is key in a successful company culture – where every employee contributes to what makes the company a wonderful place to work for.