Bassim Shebaro’s Success at the Technical Dinner Meeting in Al-Khobar

by bassimshebaro


Bassim Shebaro When it comes to giving a presentation, the Saudi Arabian Chapter of the Project Management Institute knows exactly how to make a pleasant lasting impression. Even after nearly a year, friends, family, and co-workers recount fond memories of the Technical Dinner Meeting that was arranged in vibrant and lively Al-Khobar. The thoroughly informative and enlightening event, made possible by a sponsorship from Saudi Aramco, was led by Company representative Mr. Omar Ba Zuhar. While the presence of Ms. Nabilah Al-Tunisi – General Manager of Saudi Aramco Northern Region and President of the Saudi Arabian chapter of the Project Management Institute – was greatly missed, Ibrahim Al Ghamdi performed excellently as her standing representative.


Bassim Shebaro One of the most memorable speakers, however, was none other than Mr. Bassim Shebaro. Mr. Shebaro was introduced to over four hundred eager attendees by Mr. Majid Al-Ghamdi, Chapter VP. His rousing speech, “Who Is Managing Your Career?”, is one that truly resounded with every person present. Mr. Shebaro highlighted the importance of career planning, management, and alignment in a clear and concise manner, leaving listeners wanting more.  Achievement of professional goals and the importance of relationship building were also highlighted, wherein the strong relationship between the two topics was expressed.  He concluded with questions from the audience, masterfully responding to the collection of queries offered.


Bassim Shebaro With degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona and Public Policy from Harvard University, Mr. Bassim Shebaro is one of the most thoroughly qualified experts in his field. More than 35 years of experience in engineering and management has instilled within him an impressive amount of knowledge and skill that cannot easily be matched. Those who have the opportunity to work with Mr. Shebaro recall the experience as enjoyable and fulfilling, further adding to his legacy as an exceptional master of his art.